Wet Rooms

If you have always wanted to have your own wet room, but your established budget seems to make it impossible for you to build one, then fret no more because we can still make it happen.

At Sheffield Wet Room Specialists, we can give you the best supplies and services without trampling on your budget. We value your money and time, and our company is always ready to help you design and construct your very own wet room.

Choosing us as your contractor means that you are guaranteed to get your money’s worth. Get ready to get your minds blown because of our amazing services.

Key Benefits of a Wet Room:

  • Fits well with any design and size
  • Lasts longer than other bathroom types
  • Increase the value of your residence
  • Safer for you and your loved ones
  • Wisest way to save up on space
  • Incorporates stylish designs and functionality in one space
  • Stress-free cleaning and not much maintenance

What to take note of before starting your project:

  • Waterproofing – waterproofing is crucial in every wet room project as it contains no enclosures. So, to compensate for the lack of enclosure, the entire space is waterproofed, giving you more space for other fixtures. Also, one feature of a wet room is that there is a single drain to which all water drains.
  • Layout – as experience dictates, our company highly recommends that the drain should be spaced at a decent distance from the door to avoid the water from escaping and causing trouble such as accidents and slips. To be safe, our wet room specialists can help you plan out your space and position all fixtures to their rightful places.
  • Materials – in choosing your supplies and materials, such must need to have high resistance to mould, moisture and leaks, and usually, the non-porous materials have this feature. Using these materials will do away with the unnecessary repairs from damages that could have been prevented.

Quality Wet Room Supplies and Services

To date, there is no other service provider like us who offers the best services and who leads the most-highly skilled professional in this industry. Thus, we have consistently remained as the most trusted company in Sheffield. To have a free consultation and quotation, reach out to our fitters and specialists at Sheffield Wet Room Specialists today.

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